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18 Dec 2021

You might be wondering what I am preaching to the choir about news reading. After all, I have been in the news business for decades. Here are some of the reasons why berita terbaru indonesia is beneficial for your health. The benefits include developing a sharp mind, being an well-informed citizen as well as keeping us safe in times of emergency.

Don't view folks like me as dinosaurs. I have no shame in proclaiming that I enjoy grabbing the Seattle Times, New York Times and USA Today. And it doesn't matter whether you have access to your news on your mobile phone, as long as you stay up to date with what's happening in the world and your immediate surroundings.

News as a tool for teaching

I used berita terbaru indonesia to guide my children. They proved to be more than fine. They are not jokes. In my son's rebellious teenage years, he wouldn't take me seriously no matter what I said or how I spoke it -gently, bluntly or imploringly. I turned to the news to get help.

My children have learned a lot from reading newspapers.

The dinner table was where news was an integral part of our discussions with our family. President Clinton is the presidential nominee. Hillary Clinton has a book that's titled "It Takes a Village." It certainly takes a village to raise kids and newspapers are part of the community to help educate my children in various areas that I was unaware of, or things that I would never even think of in my mind to discuss. I was amazed that my children, even in their early years and with a very sophisticated understanding of political issues.

News enhances civil engagement

It's no surprise that my children are interested in their neighborhood and the people they read about in newspaper. I've never had to remind them to get involved or vote. Their interest in news and reading habits are a tribute to their brains that are curious. Studies have shown that people who read news are more able to engage in conversation. If you're not sure of what topics to discuss with your friends or acquaintances the news makes for good topics.

News can slow down the aging process

Research has also indicated that people who read the newspapers are 17 percent less risk of developing Alzheimer's. If you read berita terbaru indonesia in the newspaper, it typically stimulates certain responses, such as memories and strong emotions that come from the brain. Any mental stimulation could slow the aging brain. Each time you learn something new, it will aid the brain.

Inspirational news

Newspapers are my daily source of inspiration. Reading about someone who has overcome adversity in a way can help me become more resilient. When I hear about mishaps, I remember to be generous and help other human beings.

News for entertainment

I like reading news articles. I love reading news that is soft to discover what you can do and how you can connect with amazing people and occasions. It's fun to read about the lives of people I know and the things they do. I am extremely proud and happy of their accomplishments.


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